Will Shuanghui become the next “SanLu”?

The “strong and handsome pig” program which CCTV broadcast, revealed shanghui development subsidiary with jiyuan make ham sausage with brown meat essence.
Lean meat fine event on shanghui group and performance of listed companies will have a negative role. Event hit hardest heavy warehouse shanghui development fund investors. Earlier in the restructuring of the funds to remit the transgressions of profit loss to 56 fund 1 evaporation or reach 1.3 billion yuan. As fears “lean lean fine” for industry problem, other listed meat enterprise, like rain embellish, also in the capital market to suffer.
According to the “lean lean by media exposure, companies began to pure” event hit promotion signboard. The price of $13 WangZhongWang “, with “shanghui red font hit $9.2 marked promotion advertising. In addition, shanghui other flavors of different discount in sterilixed sausage the sales promotion activity.
Shuanghui again in public statement yesterday evening, demanding things subsidiary in circulate on the market of the recall of products.
brown meat essence belongs to lean adrenal stimulant, such as clenbuterol, and ractopamine (Chemical). If the “lean meat fine” add to feed, indeed can increase the amount of animal lean lean. Domestic and foreign relevant scientific research suggests that eating contain “lean meat fine” the meat will cause harm to human body, common have nausea, dizziness, aching, hands quiver, etc, especially for the poisoning symptoms of heart disease, hypertension, long-term edible more harm is likely to lead to chromosome aberration and induce malignant tumors.

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things have learned form trade

Engaged as a saler for three or four years, i remember a few years ago newly-graduated myself, I don’t know why he entered into this industry, blundered, finally small extent, summarizes some experience for all to share.

First to be familiar with the product function and varieties, and understand needs. . Then must strengthen propaganda. Using existing subscription journal media with special layout, the new product propaganda. Network application to strengthen. At the same time, participate in excellent professional exhibition, contact more upstream and downstream firms. To grasp the information is very important. To listen, see and visit customers, from a gleam of voice. Contact the professional website, BBS and QQ group. Will straighten goods-providing channel. When the product price changes, source is very important, meanwhile, some fellowship in place of the company sales personnel, will tell you what time shut-down overhaul, device when pricing. Hey hey, here is show personality charm. Funds flexibility is very important. When the pressure goods, no money, hey hey, the opportunity is not giving you. Of course, the first move move brick training can also.

Product quotation also has the skill, before we always afraid of price to offer too high, then the customer give away. But in fact, is you immediately reported the reserve, the customer still want blindly bargaining. Conversely, if you take more than your? Some, return true to myself and customer onservative.

You high quote point, circuitous with customer talk than directly to clients quote price is better. Several chemical salesroom, every time they come to inquiry, female, male with a fixed phone with cell phone. I a newspaper phosphoric acid prices, they all say how many others sell only, or other phosphoric acid price just how much etc. Etc., stir you upset. Results a few days ago, the that girl come again to inquiry, I suddenly gave her take more than 200, she again into the bargain, I gave her a cheaper down, instead of such talk effect she liked, also not heel I did.

This moment, compared several summary do this experience is very important, and experience is need to accumulate, concentrate on doing time can touch the doorway.

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Don’t just talk about food management

Yesterday afternoon, the fourth session of the 11th National People’s Congress, guangdong delegation group discussion, topic of food safety was concerned on by multitudinous represents, the National People’s Congress standing committee, the National People’s Congress vice director and overseas Chinese committee members HuangLiMan talking about food safety when called, food safety monitoring to the formation of complete video safety supervising system.

Export food safety sold to domestic is unsafe. This is not the problem, but the manufacture level of conscience. In addition, management system is not perfected is a very important reason. First, food safety, what safety, what is not safe, should have a standard, there is no standard, you say qualified unqualified? Second, sets standards, below to execute, who come to test? Detect the network is not perfect, need someone, equipment and money. Agricultural department, qualitative inspect branch, industry and commerce departments, public health departments, ocean fisheries bureau and other departments six-headed management, integration difficulties, supervision system not straighten, responsibility without distribution in position.

The main or punishment was insignificant. Have representative proposed, fraud things, lifelong off-limits is certain, become bankrupt is necessary.

Although food safety work not reach the designated position, but the government does not represent enterprise can unbridled illegal, because of milk powder enterprise credibility crisis, this paragraph of time the mainland parents snapped up by Hong Kong milk powder thing has handed the raging. Enterprises in the mainland’s survival environment is also cans be imagined.

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China labor shortages and plastic enterprises face transfer

A few years ago, China‘s cheap labor is market advantages. Recently some chemical factories will face many problems with work bring drought. Lack of workers led to hand in not shipment, influence enterprise efficiency, on the other hand, the staff to ask for a raise, cost has increased dramatically. The boss complains, salary add so much, there will be no profit. Even someone decided to give up their years of painstaking management enterprise, if there is a strength confident businessman, now is the acquisition of a good opportunity.

In  circumstance of the Midwest labor-intensive industries is increasing gradually,and southeast coastal rising labor costs, laborer and enterprise have been pushed a again choose crossroads. Labour gaps behind has no longer merely enterprise whether to bring them to the workers’ problem, industry layout and salary level, social security and a series of underlying conflicts began in “labor

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Facebook launched follow-up service, Unfaith to be careful

Today my friends told Facebook have tracking function now, I amazing it had such superb development. I feel till jittery.

Facebook now and human life are already more and more inseparable, at the ceremony the bride and groom change “emotional situations” are not uncommon, how much more will the still be in love the sea as men and women. A few days ago, a software developer released a paragraph for facebook program “break up alarm”, designed to help you understand the right. An object situation

It is very simple to use, as long as you login personal Facebook account through breakupnotifier. Com, then choose to keep track of friends. if the other’s feelings conditions have change, you will receive the E-mail notification. Very spooky, actually this procedure is convenient “track” each other, if you don’t want to be “” monitoring objects, best just don’t expose much privacy.

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There is so much trouble after snow melt

The Lantern Festival passes, hangzhou continuous sunny, snow is gone forever. Last winter, there is seven snow, give a lot of inconvenience caused by traffic, then melting agent came into our view.

Snowmelt agent mainly divided into two kinds, one kind is acetic acid potassium as theprincipal organic snowmelt agent, although this kind of snowmelt agent snowmelt effect is good, no corrosion damage, but its price is too high, generally only applies to the airport, etc. And the other is chlorine salts snowmelt agent, including sodium chloride, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride and potassium chloride. Its advantages are cheap, price is only organic class snowmelt agent 1/10, but it for large public infrastructure of corrosion is very serious.

Snow melt agent dissolves in water, water ion concentration rising, making the liquid water vapor pressure drop, but ice solid-state vapor pressure unchanged. To achieve mixture of solid and liquid water vapour pressure of the state, and melted the ice. This one principle is also very good explains brine not easily icy truth.

The effects of melting agent

Use snowmelt agent melts snow once infiltration into soil salinization, can make the soil, leading plant wilted death. Snowmelt agent of salt in the soil degradation for up to 15 years, the plant also difficult to live seeding, must undertake large-scale deep in the earth.

Snowmelt agent melts, contains chemicals infiltrated surface and likely to underground water pollution. Drinking is melting agent pollution of groundwater, will have serious harm to human body.

Salt in water after, will happen “salt rise” phenomenon, can cause road embankment damage and give road maintenance increase the difficulty. Chlorine salt permeate to the concrete, will make the steel cracking concrete cover happen, fall off condition, cause structure bearing capacity to decrease or loss. North China area highway, Bridges and so on, all have chloric salt snowmelt agent damage phenomenon. Besides snowmelt agent on automobile chassis and tire will corrode, easy to make chassis rust corrosion, long time can cause chassis damage, still can make the tyres oxidation, occurrence crackle, shorten service life of tires.

For snow problems in winter, some countries in Europe and America is relatively environmental. Mechanical shovel snow back on the road and carbon residue, sand, branches slags substances to skid, also use these slag kind material brunet to trap the sun’s heat, to increase the ground temperature melting. After the use of carbon residue and branches slag can add to the edge of green space in the road, no pollution. for pavement which really need melting agent, brush away most of the snow on the ground, and then a few snowmelt agent to prevent road ices over it. To prevent the salt water infiltration after snowmelt surface water pollution, the British underground or have taken “pooling brine” approach, in urban road &bridge beside, laid special pipe, collect the brine, and finally snowmelt drainage to the sewage treatment plant of the reoccupy after, is worth using for reference.

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The Nimesulide was evacuated, KangZhi said industry competition make it

A pediatric febrifuge “Nimesulide” exist great untoward effect, with thousands of adverse reactions and cause polio cases of death caused by parents news attention. In the event of claim, KangZhi consider it is “unfair competition” made by Johnson and Johnson.

KangZhi pharmaceutical alleged, this event sponsored by Johnson &johnson a medicine BBS trigger. This BBS for 2010 November, sponsored by Johnson &johnson is held in Beijing “2010 children safe medication international BBS”. Nimesulide was considered “liver and kidney toxicity big”, and points out that forbidden to foreign children in clinical. Meanwhile, from the experts speech shows, the world health organization recommended acetaminophen, and ibuprofen were used for children the fever preferred safe drug use. at present there is no abnormal Nimesulide throughout the country beauty adverse drug reaction monitoring center under the close monitoring, to its security problems will further demonstrated.

On the other hand, adverse event trigger of “Nimesulide” children Febrifuge make market vibration continues, many large pharmacy terminal has begun shelf Nimesulide particle. This Nimesulide product sales, profit for the company overall gross profit more than 80 percent of KangZhi pharmaceutical (300086. SZ) speaking, earnings prospects are grim. National regulators have yet to be announced, beauty of “Nimesulide particle” adverse reaction the cognizance of the results, and for other contains “Nimesulide” composition, medicines, although the company implemented under frame processing, but not yet contact return. There is a minority of the pharmacy is still in sales, Nimesulide particles beauty

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This year cost of steel enterprise will also increase

Last year Sichuan province vanadium and titanium steel industry steady growth, statistics show that last year the vanadium and titanium steel industry have sales income 1929.14 billion yuan, it is an increase of 30.69%; profits tax 103.30 billion yuan, an increase of 14.90%; The industry profit after total profit for shelf 61.66 billion yuan, an increase of 15.39%.

Main product yield continued growth. Last year the steel industry production steel 1904.08 tons, year-on-year increase 6.65%. vanadium products 3.58 tons, year-on-year growth 14.35%. titanium dioxide 36.56 tons, year-on-year growth 24.54%. Partial key enterprise benefit rebounded, including pangang group limited company throughout the year 26.94%, realize the profit year-on-year growth of sichuan wei group Co., LTD 21.96% year-round realize the profit year-on-year growth, tecsun iron &steel company annual realize the profit 26.94% year-on-year growth. Production and marketing, sichuan province last year cohesive good vanadium and titanium steel products, 98.19% year-on-year increase 0.01 ratios, still keep percentage points higher level.

Sichuan Vanadium and titanium steel industry development still faces more difficult problems in raw materials procurement, such as steel production this year bulk original burning material price coal prices will continue to be high, steel production and operation of enterprises operating cost pressures will further increase.

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The truth of “BaWang” Shampoo event

   The question of “bawang” shampoo which contains dioxan whether have an impact on the health is wrong..

    It is good to pay close attention to product quality. but it also is use by someone who have ulterior motives. After the new come out, the shares of “bawang” droped by 16%. We know that the positive and negative news are closely related to the stock prices of listed company. The author thinks, it cannot eliminate the probability that investors spread the information deliberately. investors could make a profit by make empty.

     Don’t exclude the malignant competition within the industry. “bawang” is a big company which using the secrete recipe combined with modern technology. development unceasingly, “bawang” developing so rapidly to become the most famous cosmetic enterprise. “BaWang” have a large share of the men shampoo field.

     The purpose may also attack gongfu superstar Jackie Chan. As is known to all, Jackie chan have high visibility and influence in international and domestic. There may be his enemy or his rivals want to destroy his credibility.

 the article come from lookchem

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the properties and structure ofDL-Glutamine

DL-glutamine ( 5H10N2O3 ) is IUPAC Name is 2,5-diamino-5-oxopentanoic acid, The Melting Point of the white crystal odorless is184-185 °C. The Molecular Weight is 146.144500 g/mol. it is soluble in methanol, ethanol, ether, benzene, acetone, chloroform, ethyl acetate 
CAS: 585-21-7(CAS DataBase Reference)
it also called DL-GLUTAMINE;2-amino-4-carbamoylbutanoic acid;(±)-2-Aminoglutaramidic acid;DL-2-Aminoglutaramidic acid

In the structure of DL-glutamine (3,5-diamino-5-oxopentanoic acid, C5H10N2O3), the molecules aggregate into double layers involving head-to-tail sequences stabilized by hydrogen bonds between main-chain atoms. The double layers are stacked along a with the help of hydrogen bonds between side-chain atoms. This pattern is fundamentally different from that in the structure of L-glutamine, but is very similar to those in the structures of DL-methionine and hydrated L-arginine D-glutamate. The essential features of different possible aggregation patterns of amino acids appear to be determined by interactions involving main-chain atoms.

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